Healing Hearts Prayer Ministry School

(Elijah House Schools)


Healing Hearts Prayer Ministry Classes


Training 201

Sept 13-Nov 29

Wednesday 5:30-9:00


Training 202

Jan 10th – Mar 30th

Wednesday 5:30-9:00


Who Should Attend the School?

If you are a Christian leader or layman seeking to experience and minister healing from life’s hurts, and desire to begin to restore healthy relationships with God and others.

  • You have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior at least one year prior to enrollment.

  • Must be a member of a Christian church, to be a model of spiritual growth, leadership, lifestyle, and participating regularly in worship.

  • Must submit an application including recommendations from one character reference and a pastoral leadership.

  • Will go through an interview process to become a prayer minister.


If you are interested in starting the enrollment process to receive training, please ask the following questions:


  •         Are you a Christian?                                    Y             Or           N
  •        Do you believe in Jesus Christ?                   Y             Or           N   
  •       Are you Married or unmarried?                     M             Or          UM
  •        Are you a Man or Woman?                          M          Or         W
  •        What are your principles of Life?
  •        Do you like to lead or follow?

Please call Amy Anderson at 507-634-1463 to discuss in further detail.  Please begin completing Healing Heart Enrollment Form.