Healing Hearts Prayer Ministry


(Elijah House Ministry)


Healing Hearts, Transforming Lives



Community Celebration Church has stood with God to establish a safe and confidential place where people can receive Godly Counsel through the Bible and prayer.  Our Prayer ministry is not a psychological counseling service, nor is it intended to be.  Prayer Ministers are trained to look at the root causes that lie beneath the surface or most problems.  “Bitter roots” feed patterns that lead to habitual sins, dysfunctions, broken relationship, and many other kinds of “bad fruit”.  Once bitter roots are discovered, the prayer minister leads the person to drop the afflictions at the cross, and to forgive those who wounded him/her and to receive forgiveness.    


To Learn More: 

Please call Pastor Amy Anderson 507-634-1463 or email: amy@ccc-kasson.org


To Schedule a Prayer Ministry Session: 

Please call CCC at 507- 634-1463.