Frequently Asked Questions


What about membership?

We would like all those considering membership to attend our membership class. We feel this is the first step of membership if you want to become an active participant in the mission of CCC.  Here we will cover church beliefs, values, mission and the membership covenant.


Why adult baptism?

Many people have questions about believer’s baptism. As modeled in the Bible, baptism was virtually the first thing a new Christ follower willfully did after responding in faith to the good news of Jesus. Baptism is an act of obedience, an outward sign of an inward conversion experience. Though some traditions practice the act of baptism differently, the Bible’s examples show that people were old enough to make a personal choice of faith, and then they were baptized by total submersion in the water.


What is the difference between infant baptism and child dedication?

Since infants cannot choose baptism, we offer an option for parents to dedicate their child to Christ. Here, parents commit to guide their child toward personally choosing a relationship with Christ. During our worship service, the pastor and congregation pray over the family as they make a public and personal promise to raise their child with godly principles.


Can I receive communion at CCC?

Communion is a time to reflect and remember what Christ did for us on the cross to forgive our sins. We offer communion the first Sunday of each month. Though you don’t have to be a member of CCC to receive communion, we ask that you’ve made a personal decision to follow Christ.


What denomination is CCC associated with?

Assemblies of God.