Healing Hearts
Prayer Ministry

What is Prayer Ministry?

Inner healing ministry is pastoral in nature, based on scriptural principles and led by the Holy Spirit through the use of active listening, listening prayer, the gifts of the Spirit, and other tools.

Prayer ministry at Healing Hearts involves looking for the root causes that lie beneath the surface of most problems. Inner strongholds are also know as "bitter roots", which feed patterns that lead to habitual sin, dysfunction, broken relationships, and many other kinds of "bad fruit."

When bitter roots are discovered, the prayer counselor leads the seeker to cancel the effect of those roots at the Cross through the power of prayer, to forgive those who wounded and tempted him or her toward judging others, and to receive forgiveness for judgments and other strongholds the heart has formed.
Every year, hundreds of people receive healing for their brokenness through Healing Hearts inner healing ministry!

Many wonderful testimonies of transformation and restoration have resulted.

Healing Hearts offers intensive week-long sessions of prophetic prayer ministry with our highly-experienced prayer ministers. Should you prefer, we can also refer you to an Healing Hearts-trained prayer minister closer to you (where available).

You can live a life of greater freedom than you've ever known before! 
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